Visual Effects by Michael Hanley

Background image an on-set greenscreen

I've always loved a good magic trick.

That's probably why, while I wear just as many hats as my other indie-filmmaking-friends, on larger projects I find myself drawn again and again to bringing unreal things to life.

On most projects I'm a beginning-to-end generalist – partially by necessity, but I also love being involved in a shot from the beginning, combining my experience behind the camera with my knowledge of the post-production process to make sure everything works well together. In more isolated scenarios, my specialties include:

I have also applied my VFX experience to Motion Graphics work, which can bring an extra level of polish to commercial projects.

Demo Reels

Visual Effects

This reel is from 2014 - an updated reel is coming soon!

Motion Graphics

Recent VFX/Graphics-Heavy Projects

Scrooge: Spirit Hunter

Short Film

Gaff Tape and a Prayer

“Little Ideas” Book Promo

Promotional video for book launch

Innovation Navigation

"The Avernal Promise" Promo

Album release teaser video

Apocryphon / Southground Records