Hanley Films

Hanley Films: "Studio"

The Hanley Films post-production studio

Although Hanley Films is still very much in the "no-budget indie" realm of funding, I have aquired some halfway decent gear over the years that puts together a rather nice, economical setup. This may be of some interest to potential clients who want to know what my capabilities are (there's always the old cliche, "if you like what I do on a shoestring, imagine what I could do with a budget!"), but this information will probably also interest other entry-level videographer/filmmakers like myself, who try to do a lot with little.

The photo above depicts (a... much older version of...) my typical "home" post-production setup, though this is always changing depending on my needs for a particular project.

Of course I'm always adding new gear to the mix. For example, the Rode mic was new for 2007, and improved the audio substantially for that year's LWV GGA gig, and the addition of HD recording with my Canon DSLR has changed things considerably as well! As such, you could say this page is in a constant state of "under construction."

Computer Hardware

Computer Software

Note that this is only a small subset of applications I find invaluable - by no means all-inclusive.

A/V Gear


I may do reviews of some of this stuff once I get the Resources section of the site running, but for now my priority is just to get more of my past work online!